“I Found It In the Archives” Contest

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The SOA Advocacy & Outreach Committee is encouraging repositories across the state to participate in the annual “I Found It In the Archives” contest. This contest is a collective effort to reach out to individuals who have found their records, families, heritage, and treasures through the collections in our repositories.

Ask your patrons, your friends, and people you’ve met to share their stories of discovery. Set up a contest, select the best entries, and allow others in the online world to vote for their favorites. Local winning entries should be submitted to Ken Grossi, ken.grossi@oberlin.edu, by August 1, 2016. Your local winner will join others in the state competition, culminating in late August.

The winner of the state competition will have an opportunity to share their story at the Fall OHLA/SOA meeting, October 7, 2016 in Dublin.

This is a great opportunity to promote your collections through your website, blog, and social media sites. Each person who clicks on your repository’s website learns about your repository and what you do! This is a great outreach tool! Customizable forms and promotional material can be found on the SOA website,  

Found It In The Archives Kit (Revised 2016 PDF)

Customizable Forms:

Entry/Application/Release & Waiver (Revised 2016 doc)